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Carol Caldwell, Author and Artist 

1. Bio for the agent/editor
Carol Caldwell writes children’s and women’s Christian fiction. Her background includes an English degree from the University of Southern California. She is a member of the Northwest Christian Writer’s Association, and has attended conferences with SCBWI. Tari Books, an imprint of PDMI Publishing, published her first children’s book, “Princess to the Rescue,” in August of 2015. They have a contract to publish a sequel. Carol lives in Washington State with her family and two dogs.

2. Short Bio for Book Blurb
 Carol Caldwell lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family. She writes children’s and women’s Christian fiction.

My Books

  Princess to the Rescue  written by Carol Caldwell, illustrated by Dianne Gardner, 2015, Tari Books, ISBN-13: 978-940812-66-3
            Princess Claire lives in a nearly perfect world but when she meets Ninian, a boy from the village, she learns that not everyone is happy. Ninian has come to see Claire’s father, the King, for help in solving a problem. His father is very ill and the neighbor has the family’s only cow. Claire befriends Ninian and before the King can hear Ninian’s plea, Claire is working on a solution
to his problems. 


Princess Claire sequel - The Watercolor Pony. Coming soon!

Novella due out in October 24 - 
A True Christmas Present                                                                    
Pre-order the e-book now at

Widow Rebecca Blakeley is building her dream art studio, but her neighbor, Walker Rumpf, is fighting her and the game he plays is anything but fair.

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