Touch of Color

    I was caught by the beauty of fused glass when I first saw it at craft and holiday fairs.  I had to try it.  I took a class in Tacoma and have been intrigued by it ever since.  I love the feel of the glass and the way it looks in the light.  It can change colors by whatever light it is seen in.  The three dimensional depth draws you into the piece.  I love the way different colors blend and yet remain a distinct color.  There is a mystery in the depths of the glass.

I have been interested in artistic expression for many years.  I took classes in drawing and painting in college.  Then I became interested in pottery and pursued that for a long time.  My family has traveled around quite a lot and I would take classes whenever and wherever I could find them.   As my children grew up and left home, I went back to classes at Olympic College, concentrating on drawing and design.  Watercolor and printing studies followed that.  Now I am concentrating on fused glass.  I started with small jewelry sized pieces, but I know that I won’t stop there.  I saw some very interesting large pieces in North Carolina this summer, so I know that my expression in glass will continue to evolve.

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