Monday, January 18, 2016

I am starting out the new year with pictures from my recent book signing and reading at the Silverdale Barnes & Noble. The Community Coordinator was very nice in setting the stage in the children's book section. Very friendly people there.
 These lovely ladies are from MOPS (Mothers of Pre-schoolers). We are all Mentors helping young moms. Standing next to me is Claire, my granddaughter and muse for my story. Thank you friends for coming.

This is the cover of my book. Illustrated by Dianne Gardner in beautiful watercolors.
My friend Cecelia and yours truly.

Claire and I

Claire and I

Claire was asked to sign some of the books also. This was a memorable event for both of us. She is also an aspiring writer.


  1. Wonderful photos! Congrats on a great event!

    1. Thanks Greta. It was quite a blessing for me. The people who came are asking for the next book. My Uncle in Fort Worth, TX donated one to his church's library and he said the kids love it.